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General Education Requirements

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Degree Requirements


REQUIREMENTS-- 72 semester hours minimum as follows:

Elementary Education (P-5) -- The Elementary Education Program (P-5) is designed for those students wishing to be certified in grades P-5. Individual programs should be planned with an advisor from the faculty of the Department of Education.  In addition to the General Education Studies and required Professional Education courses (listed below), students pursuing this option must also complete one academic emphasis of Mathematics, Science, English/Communications, Fine Arts/Humanities, Social and Behavioral Studies, or Inter-disciplinary, or in Special Education Learning and Behavior Disorders.

P-5 Professional Education Courses

  • BMIS 130 Introduction to Application Software
  • EDUC 235 Basic Concepts Concerning Education
  • EDUC 331 Studies in Education: Special Topics
  • ELEM 237 Effective Teaching Practices: P-5
  • ELEM 331 Reading and Language Arts I
  • MATH 332 P-5 Teaching of Math
  • ELEM 334 P-5 Teaching of Social Studies
  • ELEM 338 Reading and Language Arts II
  • ELEM 339 P-5 Teaching of Science
  • ELEM 430 P-5 Classroom Management and Behavior
  • ELEM 491 Student Teaching: P-5
  • PSYC 232 Psychology of Human Development
  • PSYC 238 Psychology of Learning and Exceptionality
  • SPED 233 Survey of Individuals with Exceptionalities (P-12) 51 hours

Academic Emphasis Area 21-27 hours

Additional Required Related Studies

  • ART 331 School Art
  • ELEM 233 Children’s Literature
  • HLTH 438 Health Education in the School and Community
  • MATH 130 Concepts of Math for the Elementary and Middle School Teachers I
  • MATH 230 Concepts of Math for the Elementary and Middle School Teachers II
  • MUED 331 School Music