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FREN 131. Elementary French I
A communicative approach to French. Basic listening and reading skills are developed, and emphasis is also placed on oral and written production. No prerequisite. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 132. Elementary French II
A continuation of FREN 131. Prerequisite: FREN 131 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 135. French Popular Culture
A General Education course open to all students. Provides an introduction to various aspects of French popular culture such as cinema, literature, fashion, sports, and the media, while also enhancing critical thinking skills. Taught in English. No pre-requisite. Counts toward the culture requirement of the French Minors. Credit, 3 hours. 

FREN 231. Intermediate French I
A further development of the basic skills of the language, including more advanced grammar concepts, short compositions, readings from literature or the media, and more extensive use of video and film. Use of the Language Laboratory will reinforce classroom activities. Prerequisite: FREN 132 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 232. Intermediate French II
A review course to work on strengthening basic grammar and vocabulary as well as developing communicative skills in French. Prerequisite: FREN 231 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 331. French Composition and Conversation
A course to aid students in the mastery of vocabulary structures and stylistic techniques necessary for correct, effective oral and written expression in French. Prerequisite: FREN 231 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 332. Francophone Culture and Communication
A course that enhances reading and writing skills in French, as well as intercultural competence, through the study of the Francophone world as seen in contemporary French-language literature and film of Europe, Africa, Canada, and more. Prerequisite: FREN 231 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours. Offered on a regular rotation with FREN 333 and FREN 334.

FREN 333. French Civilization
An in-depth exploration of modern France and the French, including family and home life, government and politics, business and economy, religion, literature and the arts, and popular culture. Prerequisite: FREN 231 or equivalent. Credit, 3 hours. Offered on a regular rotation with FREN 332 and FREN 334.

FREN 334. Survey of French Literature
A survey of major writers and literary movement in France, from the Middle Ages to the present. Prerequisite: FREN 232 or instructor consent. Credit, 3 hours. Offered on a regular rotation with FREN 332 and FREN 333.

FREN 401. Trends and Themes in French Cinema
This General Education Integrated Studies course is open to juniors and seniors with no prior experience with the French language or culture required. French minors may, with advisor permission, include this course in the minor. This course explores dominant features of French cinema, particularly in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Specific topics will change with each offering of the course, with likely themes to include the representation of World War II in French film, the adaptation of great works of French literature into film, cinema by and about women, the French New Wave, or postcolonial cinema of the Francophone world (Europe, Canada, Africa, and Southeast Asia). This Integrated Studies course can fulfill a requirement in Section IVB of the General Education Curriculum. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 431. Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
Designed to prepare students for the teaching of foreign languages in the public schools. Current teaching philosophies, techniques and materials, curriculum innovation and extracurricular activities are discussed This course includes limited observation and performance in a language classroom. Taught in English by foreign language faculty in conjunction with SPAN 431. Prerequisite: acceptance to teacher education or consent of instructor. Credit, 3 hours.  

FREN 432. Practicum in Francophone Culture
This course provides an in-depth and hands-on study of Francophone culture. Weekly class meetings conducted in French provide the foundation and structure for independent and small group field work in which students learn about Francophone culture through first-hand observation and personal participation. Through activity logs, self-reflective commentary, and cultural analysis, students will gain a deeper understanding of various components of Francophone culture. Normally limited to students pursuing the French Teaching Minor. Prerequisite: FREN 232 and FREN 333, or instructor consent. Credit, 3 hours.

FREN 490. Independent Study in French
This course is for students with exceptional ability and interest in a specific area of French or Francophone language, literature or culture. Depending on the topic, this course may fulfill the culture or literature requirement for the minor. Prerequisite: FREN 232. Offered as needed and only with prior instructor consent.


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