Vol. II
Summer 1990

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The Loyal Servant: Nicolas Perrenot de Granvelle and the Winter of 1541-1542 Eric L. Wake
The Role of Walsingham in the Misnomered Babington Plot of 1586 Jacquelyn Borgeson
Machiavelli: Prophet or Teacher of Evil? Jonathan Laster


Dr. Eric Wake Eric Wake assumed the chairmanship of the History and Political Science Department and became the advisor to Upsilon-Upsilon in 1985. He has been on the faculty at Cumberland College since 1967. This paper was first presented at the Medieval Renaissance Conference III at Clinch Valley College, Virginia in September, 1989. Dr. Wake received his Ph.D. in 1973 from Texas Christian University.
Jacquelyn Borgeson Jacquelyn Borgeson is a 1987 graduate of Port Clinton High School in Port Clinton, Ohio. She joined Phi Alpha Theta in the fall semester of 1989. Her current goal is to become an archelogist. She is pusuing a major in history with a minor in English. She wrote her paper for the course entitled Historical Methods, a required course for history majors at Cumberland College.
John Laster Jonathan Laster is a 1987 graduate of Crestwood Christian Academy in Tyrone, Georgia. He is pursuing majors in both political science and English. He is the current Student Government Association Vice-President and plans to attend law school upon graduation. His paper was written for the course entitled Historical Methods, a required course for political science majors at Cumberland College.


Comments from the Editor Eric L. Wake
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Eric L. Wake, Ph.D.
Advisor of Upsilon-Upsilon
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Bruce Hicks, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Advisors and Assistant Professor of Political Science
John Broome, TH.D., Professor of History
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