Vol. III
Summer 1991

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Apartheid in South Africa: Calvin's Lagacy? Blake Williams
The Inevitability of Intervention in Czechoslovokia in 1968 David McNeill
A Hero Falls: The Political Decisions of King Arthur Tom Frazier


Blake Williams Blake Williams is a 1983 graduate of Vanguard High School in Ocala, Florida and served in the Air Force from 1984-1988. He joined Upsilon-Upsilon in the fall semester of 1990 and was elected Vice-President of the chapter for 1991-1992. He is pursuing majors in history and religion and is planning to attend graduate school in history. His paper was first written for a course entitled Church History.
David McNeill David McNeill is a 1988 graduate of DuPont High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He is pursuing a major in history with a minor in psychology. He joined Upsilon-Upsilon in the fall semester of 1990 and was elected co-historian of the chapter for 1991-1992. He currently plans to go into archeology upon graduation. He wrote his paper for a course entitled Russia.
Dr. Tom Frazier Tom Frazier is currently Associate Professor of English and has been on the faculty at Cumberland College since 1976. He is currently working on a doctorate at Middle Tennessee State University. He first delivered his paper as a part of the Phi Alpha Theta lecture series on campus.


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