Vol. IV
Summer 1992

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The Campaign Rhetoric of George Wallace in the 1968 Presidential Election Marianne Worthington
Chronicle of a Russian Revolutionary: Leon Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution Sharla Burchfield
Cost Accounting: A History of Innovation Cheryl Cunagin and John Stancil


Marianne Worthington Marianne Worthington currently is an instructor of Communication and Theatre Arts and has been on the faculty at Cumberland College since 1990. Her research interests include historical and contemporary family public address, communication, and popular cultural studies.
Sharla Burchfield Sharla Burchfield is a 1974 graduate of Pine Knot High School in Pine Knot, Kentucky. She is pursuing a major in history with a minor in geography. Sharla joined Upsilon-Upsilon in the spring semester, 1992. She originally wrote her paper for a course entitled Russia.
Cheryl Cunagin and John Stancil Cheryl Cunagin is a 1991 graduate of Cumberland College. She is currently enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Kentucky and plans to enter Law School there. John Stancil is an Associate Professor of Business Administration, and has been at Cumberland since 1977. He received his DBA from Memphis State University in December, 1989. The nucleus of this paper was written by Cheryl as a course requirement in Dr. Stancil's Cost Accounting class in 1989.


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