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Degree Requirements


REQUIREMENTS-- 93 semester hours as follows:

Middle School Education (5-9) — Middle School Education (5-9) is designed for students wishing to be certified to teach in grades 5-9. In addition to the General Studies and required Professional Education courses (listed below), students pursuing this option must also complete two specializations each from Mathematics, Science, or English/Communications, or Social and Behavioral Studies or from Special Education Learning and Behavior Disorders.

5-9 Professional Education Courses

  • BMIS 130 Introduction to Application Software
  • EDUC 235 Basic Concepts Concerning Education
  • EDUC 331 Studies in Education: Special Topics
  • ELMS 237 Effective Teaching Practices: 5-9
  • ELMS 331 Reading and Language Arts I
  • ELMS 335 The Middle School
  • ELMS 338 Reading and Language Arts II
  • ELMS 430 Classroom Management and Behavior
  • ELMS 491 Supervised Student Teaching: Middle Grades
  • PSYC 232 Psychology of Human Development
  • PSYC 238 Psychology of Learning and Exceptionality
  • SPED 233 Survey of Individuals with Exceptionalities (P-12) 45 hours

Two Specialization Areas 48-55 hours

  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. English/Communications
  4. Social Studies
  5. Special Education-Learning & Behavior Disabilities