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Course Descriptions

BMIS 130. Introduction to Application Software
A general introduction to popular application software packages used in industry and academia. The course will include applications software for word processing, spreadsheets, database management and presentation management, and an introduction to the operating environment. The course is hands-on in nature with in-class labs conducted weekly. Credit 3 hours. Offered Fall and Spring Semesters.

BMIS 231. Introduction to Programming
An introduction to structured programming. The course will include lecture sessions covering concepts of programming, out-of-class programming. and homework assignments. The assignments will use the computer as a tool to solve mathematical and business problems. Topics will include sequential, selective and repetitive structures, arrays, strings, and file manipulation. Credit 3 hours. Offered Fall Semesters and as needed.

BMIS 331. Object Oriented Programming
Addresses advanced features of programming including: object oriented techniques, pointers, dynamic memory allocation. and data structures. Credit 3 hours, Prerequisite BMIS 231.Offered Spring Semesters.

BMIS 332. Application Programming with Visual Basic
An introduction to Visual Basic programming. Emphasis is given to further development of the student’s programming skills and an in-depth coverage of programming in the Microsoft Windows environment. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite BMIS 231. Offered Spring Semesters.

BMIS 333. Systems Analysis/Project Management
A study of current business systems and problems, determination and definition of business needs and information requirements, evaluation of alternative solutions, exploration of the dimensions and elements of project management concepts, methodologies, strategies, and structures. Attention will be given to cost controls, teamwork, and quality management. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite sophomore standing. Offered Spring Semesters.

BMIS 334. Management Information Systems
An introduction to the management and use of information technology (IT) in organizations. This course examines the impact of IT on decision making and organizational operations. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite sophomore standing. Offered Fall Semesters.

BMIS 335. Web Design and Development
Introduction to Web page design using a professional web development tool. Students learn the general syntax of the HTML language, links, anchors, images, frames, tables, and style sheets. Emphasis is on planning the design, validating work, effective visual alternatives, attracting and retaining visitors, proper use of font and color, and creation of professional graphics. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite sophomore standing. Offered Fall Semesters even years and as needed.

BMIS 336. Networking
An introduction to networking exploring theoretical hardware and software issues of networking. Students get hands on experience setting up network hardware, configuring network software, and exploring network topologies and technologies.Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite sophomore standing. Offered as needed.

BMIS 337. Hardware and Architecture
A general introduction to computer hardware including computer maintenance issues and an overview of computing components (microprocessor, system boards, storage devices). Students get hands on experience diagnosing computer problems and dealing with software and hardware installation issues. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite  sophomore standing. Offered as needed.

BMIS 431. Database Design and Programming
Emphasis on the concepts and structures necessary to design and implement a database management system. Topics
covered will include data models, normalization, query facilities, file and index organization, security, and database programming. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite BMIS 332. Offered Fall Semesters.

BMIS 432. Advanced Programming with C#
The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to develop C# applications for the Microsoft .NET Platform. The course focuses on C# program structure, language syntax, and implementation details. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite BMIS 231. Offered Spring Semesters even years.

BMIS 433. Web Programming
An introduction to programming for the Internet focused on both client and server side application development. The student will develop interactive web-based applications that access databases. Applications developed in the course will utilize graphic images, tables, forms, frames, client and server-side programming, and database interfaces in a interactive GUI environment. This course may be repeated by the student when different language options are offered. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite BMIS 231. Offered as needed.

BMIS 435. Social and Legal Issues of Technology
The course explores the impact of technology on society and the complex issue of ethics. The course surveys ethical theories and how they are applied to legal theories of computing. Students will deal with ethical and legal issues related to areas such as copyright, patents, trademarks, discrimination, privacy, information security, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, fairness, and artistic license in relation to the creation, access, and reproduction of materials appropriate for the Internet. Credit 3 hours. Prerequisite sophomore standing. Offered as needed.

BMIS 439. Software Engineering
A capstone course that allows the student to integrate the tools acquired in MIS to develop a customized application which will meet the needs of an end user on the University of the Cumberlands campus. The student will apply such tools as proposal drafting, time series analysis, systems analysis and design, customized screen and report design, programming, database management, and development of end user documentation. This capstone course should logically be the last course in the major. The ETS major field test for business is a course requirement comprising 10% of the final grade. Credit 3 hours. Corequisite BMIS 431, Prerequisite BMIS 231, 331, 332, 333, and 334. Offered Fall and Spring Semesters.

BMIS 490. Special Topics and Projects in Information Systems
A course designed to allow students to explore selected topics of specific areas of Information Systems other than through normal course offerings and to keep abreast of current topics.   The course may be repeated for credit provided the topics differ each semester. No more than six hours total from BMIS 490 may be counted toward a major or a minor. Prerequisite:  Consent of department chair.  Credit:  3 hours.  Offered as needed.

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