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Dr. Lawrence A. Newquist
Professor of Physics

L. Newquist


Dr. Lawrence Newquist earned the first of three degrees in Physics in 1981, with a B.A. from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. In 1983 and 1990, respectively, he completed an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physics, both at the University of Missouri.

Since coming to University of the Cumberlands in 1991, Dr. Newquist has been active in developing presentations with a particular emphasis on exciting elementary and high school students with the possibilities of physics. He demonstrates his dedication to advanced student research in all disciplines by serving as Chair of the Committee for Presidential Scholars Research.

Courses Taught

  • PHYS 130 Astronomy
  • PHYS 242 Physics II
  • PHYS 330 Classical Physics
  • PHYS 332 Experimental Physics
  • PHYS 335 Quantum Physics
  • PHYS 410 Science and Society
  • PHYS 431 Electromagnetism
  • PHYS 490 Selected Topics in Physics: Digital Electronics
  • PHYS 490 Selected Topics in Physics: Electromagnetism II
  • MATH 131 College Mathematics

Publications and Presentations

L. Newquist, " Formation and Evolution of the Solar System", Talk presented to the second grade class at St. Camillus Academy, Corbin, KY, November, 2000

L. Newquist, J. Manning, "Astronomy Night for the Girl Scouts", Talk and viewing session presented at Cumberland College, Williamsburg, KY, May, 2000

L. Newquist, "Observing the Sun Through a Properly Filtered Telescope", Presentation and viewing session to the sixth grade class at St. Camillus Academy, Corbin, KY, May, 2000

J. Manning, L. Newquist, et al, "Physics-Cubed Demonstration Show", Presentation to High School Students attending the Cumberland College Math Contest, Williamsburg, KY, April, 2000

L. Newquist, "Science Demonstrations Workshop", workshop presented at an in-service session at St. Camillus Academy, Corbin, KY, August, 1999

Melfi, Newquist, et al, "Wake Fluid Dynamics Experiment Observations and Analysis", Poster presented at the 1999 Conference on Atmospheric Effects of Aviation, Virginia Beach, VA, April, 1999

J. Manning, L. Newquist, "Undergraduate Physics at Cumberland College",

Poster presented at the "Revitalization of Undergraduate Physics Programs",

conference, Arlington, VA, October, 1998

L. A. Newquist, "Using Netscape Composer to Create Web Pages", Talk presented at the Technology and Teaching Conference, Berea, KY, November 1998

L. A. Newquist, C. Hostetler, "Organization and Analysis of Lidar Data Obtained from the Contrails of a Boeing 737", Talk presented at the NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, August 5, 1997

L. A. Newquist, C. Hostetler, "A Slant Lidar Technique for Determining the Optical Thickness and the Volume Backscattering Coefficient as a Function of Altitude", Talk presented to the Atmospheric Sciences Division at the NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, August 5, 1997.

L. A. Newquist, L.R. Poole, "Evaluating the Dependence of the Lidar Backscatter Wavelength Ratio on Particle Shape Using Spheroids for Jet Plume Particles Composed of Soot or Sulfuric Acid", Talk presented to the Aerosol Research Branch at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, July 24, 1996