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There is no preferred major for admission to law school. Students are advised to major in a discipline that they enjoy and that will equip them for the rigors of law school. The most popular majors in order of number of students who nationally annually apply to law school are: Political Science, Business, English, and History. History and Political Science Department produces the largest number of law school applicants at UC, and its graduates have a 100% acceptance rate to law school over the last twenty-two years. Click here to see a list of students and law school acceptances.

In order to be admitted to law school one must successfully complete the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT). Regardless of major, students who go on to law school need to have effective communication and critical thinking skills. Moreover, students should have a basic understanding of our legal system and an appreciation for the values that support it.

Whatever major may be pursued by the pre-law student, the following courses are highly recommended:

    • POLS 131 Introduction to Political Science (counts in the General Education Curriculum)
    • POLS 230 Introduction to Law and Legal Education
    • POLS 233 American National Government (counts in the General Education Curriculum)

The campus Pre-Law Advisor as recognized by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), the body which produces the LSAT and handles all applications to law school, is Christopher Leskiw, Ph.D. in the History and Political Science Department. Dr. Leskiw can be reached at or by phone at 539-4301.