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Course Descriptions

Basic Courses

MSCI 101. Group Dynamics of Leadership
Development of leadership and problem solving abilities; examination of leadership style, counseling, and team building techniques; comparison of civilian and military leadership; and analysis of the constitutional and historical basis for the U.S. Army. Credit, 2 hours. Offered fall semesters.

MSCI 102. Dynamics of Leadership and Operational Teamwork
Study theories, principles, techniques, and fundamentals of map reading and their application. Classes are systematically arranged to promote student participation in group leadership development and problem solving techniques. Credit, 2 hours. Offered spring semesters.

MSCI 201. Intermediate Leadership I
Introduction to intermediate leadership and management, emphasizing individual leader techniques and basic soldier skills such as first aid, map reading, and drill and ceremony. Individual skills learned during the course provide the requisite foundation necessary to build leadership abilities in small group and team application. Prerequisite: MSCI 101 and MSCI 102.
Credit, 2 hours. Offered fall semesters.

MSCI 202. Intermediate Leadership II
Develops intermediate leadership abilities by the introduction to small unit and squad operations and tactics. Individual military skill areas include training in advanced map reading, communication equipment and tasks, enhanced drill and ceremonies and individual weapon fundamentals. This course is designed to prepare the motivated and dedicated student for the challenges of the ROTC Advanced Course. Credit, 2 hours. Offered spring semesters.

MSCI 210. Military Science Practicum Basic
Introduces Military Science in a comprehensive summer field course designed to be taken in lieu of two of the following courses: MSCI 101, 102, 201 or 203. This course emphasizes practical field application and leadership development. The camp is held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and the student is paid for attending the camp. (No military obligation) Credit, 5 hours. Offered summers only.

Advanced Courses

Prerequisites: One of the following qualifying events:

  1. Four years of JROTC in High School
  2. Four semesters of Basic Courses
  3. Attendance at Basic Camp (30 days during the summer at Fort Knox, Kentucky)
  4. An Honorable Discharge as a veteran of any military service
  5. Membership in the Army Reserves or Army National Guard and previous completion graduation from Basic Combat Training


MSCI 301. Advanced Leadership and Management I
Introduction to advanced leadership and management, emphasizing the branches of the Army, communication systems, and equipment. Defines principles of leadership and develops leadership through practical application as a leader in field training and physical conditioning. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall semesters.

MSCI 302. Advanced Leadership and Management II
Develops leadership and management ability and military skills in military communications, weapons, and tactics. Develops leadership and command presence through student presentations and practical application as a leader in field training and physical conditioning. Credit, 3 hours. Offered spring semesters.

MSCI 303. American Military History
Examines U.S. military history from pre-Revolutionary times to post-Vietnam: defines the principles of war; discusses political-military interactions; develops leadership through group contribution in case studies which apply the principles of war to historical periods. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall and spring semesters.

MSCI 310. Leadership Assessment and Development Course (Advanced Camp)
Develops and assesses leadership abilities through an intensive field course of rotating leader/command experience in problem analysis, decision-making and troop leading procedures while providing in-depth coverage of technical and tactical subjects. Cadets who attend this course receive pay. Credit, 6 hours. Offered summers only.

MSCI 311. Military Science Internship in Leadership
(Selected cadets) Prerequisites: Advanced course status and completion of MSCI 301, 302 and 310. Cadets are assigned leadership positions with active army units for 3-4 weeks. Students are paid and receive written evaluations of their leadership performance and potential and must complete an after action report upon returning. Credit, 3 hours. Offered summers only.

MSCI 401. Fundamentals and Dynamics of the Military Team I
Study of the military justice system, battalion staff organization, administrative/logistical management, army training management, and financial readiness. Hand-on application of the army writing style, military briefing techniques, time management, and the problem solving process. Credit, 3 hours. Offered fall semesters
MSCI 402. Fundamentals and Dynamics of the Military Team II
Study of officer customs/traditions. law of war, suicide prevention, environmental laws, defense against terrorism, operations security, soldier counseling, and army family team building. Examines creating an ethical climate, resolving ethical dilemmas, and motivating subordinates. Credit, 3 hours. Offered spring semesters.