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Alumni Spotlight

Aaron Anderson

A. Anderson

Aaron Anderson graduated from the Cumberlands in 1997 with a BS in Movement and Leisure Education with a minor in history and health. He has since earned degrees in Secondary Education, Instructional Leadership (Principal K-12), Supervisor of Instruction and Certificate of Superintendent. He has used his degrees as a teacher, supervisor, principal and assistant superintendent in McCreary County Schools. Aaron has been instrumental in raising student achievement demonstrated in rising test scores and improving opportunities for students to learn and thrive. He collaborated in the development and implementation of a district-wide initiative in reading, a portfolio-mentoring program, a No-Novice Policy for 7th graders, increased technology, a New Teacher Orientation Program and an Activity Bus Transportation Program so students could be involved in after-school programs.

Aaron is the proud father of four children who attend McCreary County Schools. He is involved with family activities as well as extending his pursuit of a doctoral degree which he will complete in spring of 2011. He currently teaches Basic Concepts of Education in the undergraduate program for University of the Cumberlands.