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Bailey Mays

Ariel RobinsonHi, I am Bailey! I have a Tennessee mountain point of view, Go Vols! I am from Clinton, a historic little town about fifteen minutes outside of Knoxville. I am a tennis player and Psychology major here at UC.  I absolutely love my Psychology classes and I am 100% positive I am receiving a fantastic education. I plan on attending graduate school to become a Christian Clinical Psychologist. I also love playing tennis here and I have made some fantastic friendships. I am crazy about this little Christian university nestled in the hills of Kentucky. It is a beautiful university and I am having a beautiful time. I hope you will come visit and see for yourself! 

 Q & A with Bailey

  1. Why did you choose University of the Cumberlands?

    I chose the University of the Cumberlands because I wanted to go to a school that was Christ-centered and student-focused. I was also afforded the opportunity to play collegiate tennis, and I couldn’t turn that down!

  2. What is there to do on weekends?

    Weekends at the Cumberlands are very interesting. If you are a laid back person, there are plenty of beautiful places on campus to chill. If you like adventure, there is plenty of nature to be seen. If you like to shop, you can ride with me to Knoxville. 

  3. What is the food like?

    If you eat Chick-fil-a everyday for year would you still love Chick-fil-a? Compared to my high school cafeteria, the food is excellent. Compared to The Cheesecake Factory, there is room for improvement. I think the food is just fine.

  4. What are the residences halls like?

    I loved living in Gillespie my freshman year. It was too much fun! This year I live in Asher, and I really like having a suite with all my tennis girls. I think the residence halls are one of the most fun parts of college; It’s like a sleepover all the time.

  5. Do you feel safe on campus?

    Sometimes I end up staying at the library late and having to walk to my dorm. I can’t think of a time that I have ever felt threatened or uncomfortable. It is a safe environment.

  6. What recommendations do you have for incoming students?

    Transitioning into the college life is difficult in the beginning, but I think Cumberlands is an easy transition compared to large universities. Don’t get frustrated, and get involved! Remember to study as well.

  7. Is it hard to balance academics with extra curricular activities?

    It is important to balance your time, but I think it is easier to balance academics if you are doing extra-curricular activities. Imagine lying in the bed for 17 hours and only getting up to go to class. You are going to have no motivation. So don’t be afraid to get involved and try something different.

  8. Where do you see yourself after University of the Cumberlands?

    After I graduate from the University I plan on attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology at Biola University in La Mirrada, CA or at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.