title Admissions Home

Step 1: Placement Testing
All students admitted to the Intensive English Program (IEP) and all students Conditionally Admitted to the regular academic program must participate in the English Placement Testing process which is conducted within a few days after the expected arrival date on campus. (Location to be announced)

Step 2: Academic Advising
Following placement testing, all IEP and Conditionally Admitted students will meet with Dr. Rick Fleenor to discuss test results and develop a class schedule. (International Office – Cordell Building #12)

All students who are directly admitted to the regular academic program will be contacted by Dr. John Broome regarding the development of a class schedule.  This may occur by email.  If you have questions once you arrive on campus you can schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Broome. (Admissions Office – Perkins Building #29)

Step 3: Attend the International Student Orientation (Location to be announced)

  • Learn about guidelines and information specific to International Students

Step 4: Attend the New Student Orientation (Location to be announced)

  • Learn about guidelines and information for all new students on campus

Step 5: Submit International Documents  (International Office – Cordell Building #12)

  • Have passport photocopied and copy placed in personal file

Step 6: Have Student ID Card Made (Boswell Campus Center- BCC - Building #7)

  • This occurs in the Office of Student Services, or in another designated location

Step 7: Bursar’s Office  (Gatliff Building #15)

  • Finalize payment of fees
  • Get Registration Form/Course Planning Sheet Approved

Step 8: Registrar’s Office (Gatliff Building #15)

  • Submit Registration Form/Course Planning Sheet
  • Complete Student Demographic Information Sheet
  • Receive Copy of Approved Class Schedule

Step 9:  Campus Book Store (Boswell Campus Center – BCC middle level – Building #7)

  • Submit Copy of Approved Class Schedule
  • Purchase Textbooks (Textbooks/course material must be purchased for all classes as required by each professor.)

Step 10:  Attend Mandatory Student Housing Meeting (Date, Time and Location to be announced.)

  • Learn about Campus Housing Guidelines
  • This is a mandatory meeting.  Student’s who do not attend will receive a $50 fine on their student account

Note: Please refer to the UC Campus Map for locations or directions.