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Freshman Interest Groups

At UC, a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) is a structured learning community organized around a specific major or area of interest.

You will be enrolled with approximately 18 other students in the same INSIGHTS course.

Insights Class

That INSIGHTS course consists of 18 students broken
(by academic area of interest) into three subgroups of six.


Each subgroup of six students will have at least two common courses together
in addition to INSIGHTS. These courses will vary by major.

Major Example

The FIG structure allows you an increased opportunity for involvement and engagement within the campus community. The remainder of your class schedule will be developed in collaboration with a first year advisor.

Student Benefits

  • Introduces you to your major in the first semester, or for undecided students, allows the student to explore career options,
  • Enables you to develop a peer-network group with similar professional interests, and
  • Provides you with faculty collaborating to encourage student involvement and engagement.