Kentucky Consular Center

Position  Armed Uniformed Protection Officer/Security Officer
Requirements  Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Applicants must be 21 years of age. Applicants must be eligible for a security clearance. Applicants must meet one of the following requirements: Have three years of active duty military service and held the rank of at least E-4 before being Honorably Discharged. A Bachelor’s degree. An Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice within the last year. Have graduated from a certified federal, state, or local law enforcement training academy, a military police school, or Marine Security Guard School. Or have three years of armed security experience on a similar contract.
Responsibilities  There are various positions new officers can expect to work. Traffic control points are posts that are strategically positioned around the facility to control vehicle access around the facility. These officers are responsible for ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed on the property. Screening facilities are posts that are located in a visitor screening area. These officers are responsible for ensuring that all visitors are authorized to enter the facility and no prohibited items enter the building. Lobby posts are positioned in the building’s lobbies. These officers are responsible for ensuring everyone in the building is either an employee or is properly signed-in. Patrol officers are roving patrols in or around the facility. These officers are responsible for responding to alarms and emergencies.
3505 N. Hwy 25 W, Williamsburg, KY
Phone Number (606) 526-7450 
Email bunchts@state.gov 
Other Information View attached flyer for more information on responsibilities, requirements, and how to apply. 
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