Pine Knot Civilian Conservation Center

Position  Teacher
Responsibilities  Instructs students in the following areas: reading, language, writing, mathematics, life skills, computer literacy, general educational development program, human development, and social studies. Studies, plans, organizes, develops, and implements the assigned subjects independently using the Job Corps manual and center operating procedures as a guide. Develops an individual classroom operating procedure indicating specific directives for classroom maintenance in conjunction with Job Corps regulations. Applies initiative in developing, selecting, and adapting methods and techniques to be used in teaching the lesson to permit adaptation to individual differences in interests and ability and improve the quality of instruction. Continuously evaluates individual academic progress through the use of criterion-references tests and/or other relevant evaluative methods/instruments. Acts as a member of a team approach system. As such, attends scheduled meetings of the department as an educational representative which gathers and presents education ratings. Maintains required records in accordance with applicable regulations, which includes progress reports and accountability reports. Helps to create an environment that provides and promotes opportunities for the students to develop rapport, interrelationships, self-discipline, and a positive self-image. Provides constructive criticism to students in the appropriate manner. Deals independently with students and other officials concerning individual student problems, referring discipline matters to the supervisor if they are unusual or severe. Participates in educational activities, such as professional workshops, to improve teaching skills in order to provide better services to the students. Provides for the proper care and use of assigned supplies and equipment. Plans, schedules, and organized field trips closely related to topic(s) studied in class.
Pine Knot, KY 42635
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Website www.usajobs.com 
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