Pine Knot Civilian Conservation Center

Position  Recreation Specialist
Responsibilities  The employee is responsible for planning, coordinating, scheduling, supervising and implementing a broad recreational program for students with diverse socio-economic backgrounds and individual needs. In order to meet agency policies, Center objectives and standards the incumbent continually evaluates program and participant requirements, updating and implementing changes in coordination with Center staff. Activities include, but are not limited to: year-round wellness and fitness activities, intramural and varsity athletics, individual and team sports, arts and crafts, and cultural, social, and community activities at on and off site locations. Employee is responsible for budgeting, requisitioning, and maintaining facility equipment and supplies, as well as accountability of accurate inventory and checkout system records. Periodically surveys Center staff, student population and surrounding communities to determine additional resources that can be utilized to enrich the program. Employee ensures adequate publicity of scheduled events for maximum participation, and maintains student participation records for evaluation of individual activities/events and overall program success. Develops evening, weekend and holiday program leisure activities, which may include participation of students in community activities. Coordinates and makes advanced arrangements through appropriate channels for transportation, reservations, food and funds with off-site facilities for recreational activities that may require the use of gymnasiums, athletic fields and courts, and/or community centers. Incumbent is responsible for the safety and accountability of all participants in the recreation program and reporting all safety violations and accidents to Supervisor. Ensures participants are fully aware of hazards and required safety precautions and use of recreational equipment, and particularly water related activities. Actively participates on multidisciplinary teams in the evaluation of student progress. Counsels students about matters relevant to their vocational and academic performance and other related concerns to encourage and motivate them to succeed in the classroom and after graduation. Handles student disciplinary and/or behavioral problems. Emphasizes and instructs students regarding the importance of personal hygiene; professional appearance; job punctuality; and reliability. Communicates to students the importance of cooperation with fellow workers, acceptance of constructive criticism, following instructions, and respecting the value of company and personal property.
Pine Knot, KY 42635
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