Pine Knot Job Corps (Forest Service)

Position  Social Services Assistant
Responsibilities  Ensures the Center’s disciplinary system fosters positive behavior development and conforms to Department of Labor/Job Corps policies and guidelines. Reviews all incident reports and refers to the appropriate level of the Center’s disciplinary system for resolution. Provides guidance, training and oversight of the student-composed behavior management councils that handle minor rule infractions pursuant to procedures set forth in the Student Handbook. Decides all appeals by students from student behavior management councils. Commences all formal disciplinary procedures for all cases involving major rule infractions. Coordinates and investigates activities between department and between different shifts. Keeps the Center Director well informed. Conducts related investigations to determine relative facts and to decide whether the charge is founded. Determines student’s culpability on non-culpability. Impose specified (appropriate) penalties when culpability is found. Recommends disciplinary discharge to Center Director for referral to the Center Review Board. Notifies student orally and in writing of specific charge(s) against him/her. Coordinates activities of the Center Review Board. Prepares related investigation reports and presents charges against the student to the Board during the hearing process. Provides staff training in Center disciplinary policies and procedures, including their roles and responsibilities in the total disciplinary system. Participates in the student orientation program, explaining the disciplinary system, the penalties that may be incurred, and the appeal process. Serves as liaison between the Center and judicial agencies/courts; solicits legal representation for students; coordinates bail bond activities. Makes contacts with attorneys, law enforcement personnel, judges or other court officials, probation/parole officers, etc., on behalf of the Center and/or individual students. Attends local court proceedings with accused students to provide support and to inform them in resolving judicial processes. Provides the Center Director and management team members with data and information on behavioral/disciplinary problems and related trends to help monitor and adjust behavior management programs to meet Center and student needs. Advises the Center Director of early termination trends, recommending appropriate intervention strategies. Conducts regular meetings with appropriate Center staff to obtain current information to predict and prevent major disruptions, and to discuss student behavior and develop appropriate strategies. Coordinates and/or conducts routine inspections for weapons and other unauthorized items as authorized by the Center Director. Reports findings to the Center Director, management team members, and the Safety Officer as appropriate. Secures any items confiscated in a safe location and notifies appropriate personnel. Initiates follow-up action as warranted.
Pine Knot, KY
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