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Position  Teacher Supervisor
Responsibilities  Supervisory Responsibility Exercises supervisory controls, both full technical and administrative, over subordinates with responsibility for making assignments, observing methods and progress, advising on problems with the counseling programs, and for rating performance and approving leave. Plans the work to be accomplished by subordinates to include setting goals and priorities. Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, difficulty, and requirements of the assignment, and the capabilities of the employees. Evaluates performance of subordinates. Counsels and instructs employees on counseling and administrative matters. Interviews candidates for counseling positions; makes recommendations for appointments, promotion and reassignment. Hears and resolves complaints from employees regarding grievance and serious employee complaints. Refers grievances and serious complaints not resolved to Center Director or appropriate staff. Takes action in minor disciplinary measures either through warnings or reprimands. Responsible for furthering the goals of equal employment opportunity (EEO) by taking positive steps to assure the accomplishment of affirmative action objectives and by adhering to nondiscriminatory employment practices in regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. Specifically, incumbent initiates nondiscriminatory practices and affirmative action for the area under his/her supervision in the following: (1) merit promotion of employees and recruitment and hiring of applicants; (2) fair treatment of all employees; (3) encouragement and recognition of employee achievements; (4) career development of employees; and (5) full utilization of their skills. Specific Duties Selects teaching materials from sources provided by Job Corps and approves recommendations made by staff as to texts, teaching aids, library books, periodicals, classroom and recreational material and equipment, general supplies, etc. Utilizing professional knowledge, staff recommendations, and program evaluations, the incumbent plans, organizes, and implements an academic program, within approved budgetary and staffing guidelines, which encompasses the Job Corps education objectives and guidelines. Continually analyzes the education program, its effectiveness, weaknesses and progress, and revises/recommends revisions, modifications, or establishment of new policies, methods, and procedures. Schedules and conducts staff meetings for various purposes, such as to discuss regulations, directives, policies, procedures, curricula, student discipline, inter/intra departmental problems and/or procedures. Designates certain responsibilities to other education staff, such as audio-visual coordinator, field trip coordinator, testing coordinator, and GED testing. Interacts with other departments and staff in planning, organizing, and implementing enrollment procedures. Utilizing available data, provides for student placement and student assignment to proper classes while striving for balanced class loads and effective utilization of available equipment, facilities, and staff. Arranges for proper awards and certificates to be awarded to deserving students. Ensures that each enrollee's educational records are kept up to date. Maintains data on the Center's performance in relation to its goals such as program completers, GED graduates, etc. Conducts interviews with students to ensure that they are aware of their own placement in each program, requirements for advancement and completion, where materials are located, etc. Administers standardized and approved tests to determine the students' academic needs, evaluate the educational program and measure student progress. Institutes remedial measures for educationally or socially challenged students to bring them up to the desired level of achievement and insure maladjusted students are given the special help they require. Prepares daily schedule of school activities, arranging class schedules to meet special situations. Ensures instructional coverage for classrooms during absence of regular teachers. May be required to teach one or more classes on a recurring or substitute basis and is responsible for maintaining proficiency as a full performance teacher. Performs other duties as assigned. Required to operate a Government-owned or leased vehicle.
Pine Knot, KY
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Website www.usajobs.gov 
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