Oneida Baptist Institute

Position  High School Math Teacher
Requirements  High School Math Teacher: Christian applicants will be chosen based on their previous mathematics background; on the degree of their subject matter expertise in the field of geometry; their ability to work closely and communicate successfully with individual students; and on the breadth and flexibility of their instructional strategies. The successful math teacher will be expected to use prescribed core content academic standards to directly engage and support individual students’ needs in order to gain mastery of the subject content. Advanced and remedial instruction will be an integral part of this ministry position, which allows the teacher to become comfortable with working as a part of a whole-school instructional team that directly promotes Christian Education for Time and Eternity.
Contact: David Robinson
P.O. Box 67 Oneida, Kentucky 40972
Phone Number 606-847-4111 
Email principal@oneidaschool.org 
Website www.oneidaschool.org 
Fax 606-847-4496 
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