Pike Electric, Inc

Position  Truck Driver - Overhead
Requirements  Able to perform rigorous physical labor. •Understands proper use of company radio. •Understands operation of heavy equipment. •Understand basic rigging, hand lines, and lineman knot tying. •Understand the proper use and maintenance of hand tools. •Capable of receiving and following directions. •Capable of learning basic knowledge of materials used in line work. •Possess a basic knowledge of materials used in line work. •Able to identify primary and secondary voltage on a circuit. •Must be familiar with induced voltage. •Capable of assisting with the installation and hook up of a single phase transformer. •Capable of performing basic bucket rescue/escape. •Understands the basic concepts of equipment set up and grounding. •Capable of working at heights and/or confined spaces. •Understands minimum approach distance. •Capable of checking voltage on transformers. •Understands flag and tag procedures. •Capable of installing and removing a service. •Capable of properly inspecting rubber goods and PPE. •Understands when to wear personnel protective equipment. •Capable of making up and using a hand line. •Understands how and when to use Kellum grips. •Able to identify different types of materials used in line work. •Able to travel long distances on short notice, when required. •Able to work for extended periods in various locations, when required. •Must have a valid Commercial Driver’s License. •Able to lift in excess of 50 lbs. •Must be able to work outside, frequently in inclement weather. •Willing to work over-time when requested. •Self-Motivated •Team-Oriented •Customer Oriented •Must be able to follow Company safety rules and all other Company policies.
Responsibilities  Truck Driver is an entry level position in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical overhead distribution systems.
Clinton, TN
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