Pike Electric, Inc

Position  Foreman
Requirements  Able to perform rigorous physical labor. •Able to identify primary and secondary voltage on a circuit. •Must be familiar with induced voltage. •Able to properly sag wire. •Capable of properly phasing a circuit through a substation. •Able to identify and locate puller and tensioner setups. •Understands grounding procedures. •Capable of working at heights and/or confined spaces. •Capable of properly installing and removing PPE and cover up. •Must be able to climb different types of structures (wood, steel, etc.) and possess the necessary tools to do so. •Understands grounding procedures. •Understands how to safely operate equipment. •Understands how to phase out a line using phasing sticks. •Capable of planning safe work based on a job print or work order. •Understands how to obtain a one shot on a recloser. •Must be able to safely perform a reconductoring job. •Capable of safely installing and removing mechanical jumpers. •Understands how to use a load bust tool. •Able to properly ask for and take line clearances. •Able to identify and locate puller and tensioner setups. •Possesses a working knowledge of line protection devices. •Able to properly inspect rubber goods and PPE. •Able to travel long distances on short notice, when required. •Understands flag and tag procedures. •Possesses a CDL and demonstrates safe driving. •Able to work for extended periods in various locations, when required. •Able to lift in excess of 50 lbs. •Must be able to work outside, frequently in inclement weather. •Willing to work over-time when requested. •Self-Motivated •Team-Oriented •Customer Oriented •Must be able to follow Company safety rules and all other Company policies.
Responsibilities  Work safely while performing new construction, maintenance or repair work of energized and de-energized overhead work. •Supervises crew members. •Possesses working knowledge of leadership and management skills. •Capable of leading and training lower skilled employees in safe and productive work procedures. •Capable of leading and teaching hot stick work on energized lines. •Conducts pre-job or tailgate briefings. •Possess a working knowledge of all aspects of line work. •Stringing overhead wire. •Setting poles and anchors. •Installing transformers, lightening arrestors, cutouts, crossarms, insulators, switches and switchgear. •Troubleshoots problems and supervises troubleshooting in primary and secondary systems. •Replaces cutout fuses and clears faulted circuits and systems. •Frequently works with energized high voltage systems requiring skill and care to protect the lives of themselves and others. •Maintains company vehicles, equipment and tools in good working order. •Comply with company reporting procedures and complete required company paperwork. •Coordinates and inspects the work of crew members. •Does all other related work as required to complete the job.
Clinton, TN
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Website http://tinyurl.com/44xzc3u 
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