Fund For American Studies

Position  Washington, D.C. Internships
Requirements  Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies with courses accredited by Georgetown University, the Institutes combine substantive internships , courses for academic credit, career development activities, site briefings and lectures led by prominent policy experts. These fast-paced, eight-week residential programs provide students from around the world with opportunities to gain the edge in today’s competitive job market and graduate school admissions, as well as experience the excitement of Washington first-hand.
Responsibilities  PROGRAM ELEMENTS • Internships – Competitive placements with top sites in DC • Classes – Up to 9 transferable credits from Georgetown University • Housing – Roommate matching and furnished on-campus apartments in the heart of DC • Guest Lectures – With Washington’s top policy and industry experts • Site Briefings – At the State Department, Capitol Hill and World Bank • Leadership & Professional Development – Leadership, mentoring and career building activities • Networking – Interaction with seasoned professionals and hundreds of other student leaders from around of the world • Scholarships – Approximately 70% of students receive generous awards based on merit and financial need APPLICATION INFORMATION Students will be accepted on a rolling basis until the Final Deadline of March 7, 2012. Students applying by the Early Deadline of December 2, 2011 will be given preference in admissions and scholarship decisions and will receive a 5% discount on their tuition balance. For more information and an online application, please visit our website www.DCinternships.org or contact Dana Faught, Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator, at admissions@tfas.org or 202.986.0384. Please click on this link to request an informational brochure: https://www.DCinternships.org/tfas/brochure/index.asp
Contact: Fund For American Studies
1706 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone Number 202.986.0384 
Email admissions@tfas.org 
Website http://pull.msg-edu.com/p/434-95F9/56993340/html004-www.dcinternships.org.html 
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