SGS North America

Position  Field Technician Trainee
Requirements  Surface papers; High School Diploma or GED preferred; Aptitude for basic math concepts and report preparation; Must have the ability to lift 50 lbs.;Must have a valid driver's license; Must be able to pass a drug screen and background check prior to employment
Responsibilities  Responsible for collecting samples of products or raw materials for laboratory analysis. Reports to Branch Manager. Specific duties include: --Collect and label coal samples from specified locations --Ensures samples containers are labeled with identifying data, location of sample, and time collected --Complete observation reports of train loadings and record railcar numbers --Delivers samples to laboratory for analysis --Gathers samples at specified locations, stages of processing, and time interval --Ensures all equipment and containers are organized and cleaned after use
Pikeville, KY
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Website http://jobs.sgsna/com/job/Pikeville-Field-Technician-Trainee-Pikeville-2C-KY-Minerals-Services-Job-K 
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