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Position  Automotive Off Lease Inspector
Requirements  Profile - High school diploma or equivalent is required. - A minimum of six months experience in vehicle preparation and/or inspection or a minimum of 1 year experience in body repair cost estimating is required. - Experience in adjusting, and/or automotive services preferred, but not required. Skills - Must be able to attend work regularly and predictably. - Must be able to work well under pressure and without supervision. - Must have excellent communications skills. - Must be able to comply with the physical requirements of the position of Inspector, which includes bending, twisting, kneeling, walking, climbing, stretching and grasping without restrictions. - Must be able to lift 40 pounds, and continuously carry 5 pounds.
Responsibilities  Specific responsibilities - Drives a personal vehicle to and from assignments and/or inspection sites . - Moves about to inspect vehicles at the lesseeā€™s home or place of business; moves about at a dealership staging area to inspect vehicles on the lot and tag or otherwise mark vehicles that have been inspected. - Detects signs of previous damage or structural damage by viewing the undercarriage, engine and trunk compartments, the exterior and interior areas of the vehicle. - Identifies scratches, gouges, dents and dings on the vehicle. - Recognizes vehicle color classification. - Accounts for, tests or inspects vehicle parts and accessories as required. - Determines excessive wear and tear and chargeable and non chargeable damages in accordance with established policies and procedures and customer guidelines.
Louisville, KY 40201
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