Cumberland River Comprehensive Care Center

Position  Support Broker
Requirements  Minimum of BS in Human Service (Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Special Education or a field relevant to human services). Complete training requirements within specified time frames per SCL/MPW Waivers, DDID standards and procedures. Comply with agency policies and procedures, SCL/MPW regulations, DDID standards and procedures, JCAHO. Valid Driver’s License and no moving violations on driving record. Clear Background Checks. Valid Social Security number or valid work permit if not a U.S. citizen. TB Skin Test or TB Risk Assessment within 7 days of hire. Negative Drug Test. Read, adhere to and promote the MR/DD vision Statement.
Responsibilities  Working with an individual and others identified by the individual as their team to develop and individual Plan of Care (POC), budget and spending plan and emergency back-up plan. Utilize a person-centered planning approach to identify and implement all supports needed/wanted by the individual. Maximum caseload of 40 CDO participants. Provide any needed assistance to a CDO participant with any aspect of CDO or blended services (i.e., recruiting/hiring/managing CDO providers, completing and submitting required forms, etc.). Coordinate all services. Monitor a participant’s health, safety and welfare. Provide a monthly face-to-face home visit. Be available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Document each contact with the participant or on behalf of the participant and the progress or lack of progress towards outcomes/goals. Resolve issues related to unmet consumer needs, and/or health and safety are being jeopardized or funds in the consumer’s budget are not being utilized per the POC. Each staff person has a legal responsibility to report and form of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), neglect or exploitation. Other duties as assigned.
Contact: Matt Keene
Williamsburg/Corbin, KY
Phone Number 528-7010, ext. 2070 
Other Information We have 3 current openings for case managers in the Williamsburg and Corbin area working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. The position requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, sociology, or other hum