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Christian Leadership Scholarship Application

As a private Christian university, affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, University of the Cumberlands places significant value on the contributions of individuals through active participation in leadership positions within their local church; a school based Christian organization; or other Christian organizations or activities within their community.

The Christian Leadership Scholarship Program seeks to acknowledge the leadership contributions of deserving students.  In doing so, the university is making an investment in the lives of the students selected for these scholarships and in the future of the organizations they represent.

Believing that the most meaningful and rewarding life is one that is spent in service to others, UC has implemented this Christian Leadership Scholarship Program to enhance the commitment that individual students are making to provide leadership to various Christian organizations.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

    • Be actively involved in a leadership position within a local church, school sponsored Christian organization, or other Christian organizations or activities within their community.

    • Complete this scholarship application and submit it or postmark it by January 31st

      Applications postmarked after January 31st are not eligible for consideration.

    • Complete the admission process and be admitted to the university by January 31st

    • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by January 31st

Last Name First Name Preferred Name
Mailing Address, Street, P.O. Box or Rural Route
City State Zip
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Home Phone Cell Phone Date of Birth

Please list your local paper

Are either of your parents or guardians employed in a full-time paid Christian ministerial position?    

          Type of Position: Pastor     Other Church Staff     Missionary     Other (pleace specify)--

Name of Church
Church Address
City State Zip
CHurch Phone      

Type of church: (check boxes that apply)

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Church of God
Please Specify:

Positions of Leadership held in a local church or other Christian organization

Position Church/Organization Name Frequencey of Involvement:
Weekly Monthly Yearly

Please indicate your level/frequency of participation in the following areas:

Weekly Monthly Yearly
Bible Study
Church Worship
Youth Ministry
School Related Ministry
Mission Activities
Community Related Ministry

Describe your salvation experience and what it means to you now:

Describe how your Christian commitment affects your daily life:

Describe your career plans and your ministry objectives:

A completed recommendation form is required as part of the application process.  Please indicate the following information for the individual you have selected to complete a recommendation form on your behalf:

Recommender’s Name:
Recommender’s email address:
Recommender’s phone number: