Library Tutorials: Using UC Cat

The University of the Cumberlands has an online catalog that is available for searching on and off-campus. Like all of our online reasourses in order to use the catalog from off-campus, you will need to log in using your UC e-mail and password. For further assistance please visit Accessing Online Resources from Off-Campus.

The catalog at University of the Cumberlands is called UC Cat. You can access it here or by going to the library's home page. UC Cat allows you to search for books, CDs, videos, and other materials, including our e-books. It is part of the Appalachian College Association shared catalog, and also allows you to search catalogs from other member libraries.

You can search just the UC catalog, which is what you'll probably do the most, or you can search one or all of the other libraries that are part of the shared catalog. The most common searches are by author, keyword or title.

Select the type of search you would like to do using the drop down menu, which is set to keyword as the default. Type in your search terms, and select which catalog you would like to search. Again, the default is the University of the Cumberlands catalog, and you will most likely want to leave it there. Hit enter on your keyboard or click go.

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