Library Tutorials: ERIC

There are many databases available to you as Education students at the University of the Cumberlands. Click here for a full list. This tutorial deals with the use of
a particular database; ERIC. ERIC is part of the EBSCOhost group of databases. ERIC contains journal articles and reports in the field of education.

You may access ERIC directly by clicking the link above, via the full list of education related databases also linked above, or via the library homepage. To access it fromt he main page, click on Databases by Subject, then select Education. ERIC will appear on the list.

Once you have selected ERIC as a database you are ready to get started. You will see the screen below:

Enter your search term into the box. Use the options below the search box to refine your search. Because ERIC is not a primarily full-text database, you may not want to narrow your search by selecting full-text. To limit your search only to articles originally published in scholarly journals, click on that box. Hit search.

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