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LIFE groups are small groups of 3-4 same-gender students who meet weekly for prayer, Bible study and sharing LIFE together!  Groups meet after FUSE on Thursday nights in the Main street Baptist church old sanctuary in groupings called Family Group.  Each Family Group is led by an upperclassman.  Through LIFE groups, students can grow as followers of Christ and serve together in ministry and mission projects.
This year our theme for FUSE and LIFE groups is W.H.O.L.E

W orship
H eal
O pen
L ive
E mbrace

HOW TO GET INVOLVED:  Pray about beginning a LIFE group by asking 2-3 of your friends or associates if they will covenant with you to meet weekly.  Contact the office of Campus Ministries so we can link you with a Family Group, and then your Family Group Leader will get you started!

If it is simpler, just fill out the information below and submit it to us.


Check out pictures from LIFE and Family Groups this year!


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Thank you!  Please contact Campus Ministries at extension 4343 if you have any questions.