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UC Professor Appreciates the Bert T. Combs Scholarship Program


Knuckles with Judge Combs expressing her gratefulness and telling Combs that without the scholarship, she would not be where she is today.

Williamsburg, Ky. – There are few times in life that a person is given the chance to show their appreciation of others. On Monday, January 16th, during University of the Cumberlands (UC) Founder’s Day Convocation, that opportunity was presented to all the Bert T. Combs Scholarship recipients. One especially appreciative recipient was current UC professor Jennifer Knuckles.

Judge Sara Combs, the widow of the late Governor Bert Combs, was in attendance at the ceremony being awarded the Honorary Doctorate of Law degree. Students at UC are provided educational opportunities because of the program created in his honor. The award has been in place at Cumberlands for nearly 20 years, and many young people have been awarded with it. One such student who wished to show Judge Combs her appreciation was Knuckles, now an assistant professor of human services at UC.

“I just wanted to say thank you and show my appreciation for what her husband’s grant did for me,” exclaimed Knuckles. “Without the opportunity it provided me I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Knuckles, a native of Corbin, Ky., grew up in a household that relied on her mother to provide for them. She was a single mother trying to make it as best she could. Jennifer always dreamed of going to college and her mother was determined to find something that would give assistance. That’s when the Bert T. Combs Scholarship Program was brought to their attention.

“With the Combs Scholarship it’s not impossible for an underprivileged financially unstable person to earn a degree,” says Knuckles. “Continue to strive for greatness in academics and end up with the world in your hands.”

Knuckles went on to attend UC, formerly known as Cumberland College, from ’97-’01, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She then attended University of Kentucky (UK) from ’03-’07 and obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work. Knuckles also went on to become a Certified Social Worker at the Masters Level.

Throughout her career, Knuckles has worked at Professional Home Health, Health & Family Services, and the Corbin school system before ending back up at Cumberlands.

“This is a great place to work, where the institution has a reputation for high quality education and Christian values,” said Knuckles. “The administration allows you to focus on your family while also pursuing your professional career.”

Knuckles waited patiently while each current UC student that is a Bert T. Combs scholarship recipient shook hands with Judge Combs, who had a photo taken and exchanged warm remarks. When it was finally her turn, she expressed her gratefulness and told Combs that without the scholarship, she would not be where she is today.

The current UC Bert T. Combs Scholars from the Corbin and Williamsburg area include:

Jonathan Bowman

Hannah Brooks

Katherine Corbin

Michael Crawford

Anthony Davis

Devin Edwards

Courtney Fields

Monica Fields

Ashley Fore

Taylor Hall

Josh Hallock

Whitney Hanrahan

Kayla Holder

Travis Inman

Chris Johnson

Brittany Jones

Stephanie McVay

Kyle Moses

Justin Partin

Cody Perkins

Ami Rodesiler

Kayla Sears

Kimberly Siler

Jaicinna Singh

Travis Sulfridge

Sarah Thompson

Susanna Wyatt

Ashley Young

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