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NAEIR Salutes Cumberlands Achievements

Recently University of the Cumberlands (UC) President, Jim Taylor, received a request from the Vice President of Public Affairs at a company, NAEIR, where the University has done business with since 1979. The request was to post the following story on their blog webpage.

Jennifer Lieber, our Director of Membership recently walked into my office with a few items in hand that she received from the University of the Cumberlands, a NAEIR member since 1979.

In addition to a letter from Jim Taylor, the University’s president, other items included a brochure, a DVD and a small ceramic bowl.

UC – Cumberland College in Williamsburg, KY, founded in 1888 has as its motto “Producing Tomorrow’s Servant Leaders of Character Today with Warm Hearts, Keen Minds, Helping Hands”.

The letter expressed the core principles the university has adhered to since its founding in molding young men and women by building character and developing leadership ability. The attractive and yet simply made piece of stoneware is an apt symbol of the preparation for life that the school’s students experience.

The process associated with the transformation of a lump of clay into a finished work of art, both useful and pleasing to the eye; through the handwork (throwing) on a potter’s wheel and then the “firing” it’s subjected to under high heat – is a challenging one. For this reason, this elegant piece of pottery appears to be a fitting metaphor for the challenges required in transforming young men and women into future leaders.

The emphasis on the rare idea these days of equipping young men and women with a servant’s heart took me a little by surprise. Frankly this is not a widely held, or at least, not a frequently expressed notion among our nation’s colleges and universities. I’m impressed.

I’m also encouraged by it. It bodes well for our country’s future. Interestingly the University’s letterhead features a summary of some notable alumni career paths. There’s a short but striking list of some of the types of leaders that have graduated from the University over the years. They include six generals, one admiral, hundreds of veterans, military officers, two governors, five college or university presidents. The list goes on.

On viewing the DVD there was emphasis as well on student work/study and voluntarism – with work being the operative word. The overwhelming majority of students work in order to subsidize their tuition, room and board. An aerial view of the campus, buildings and grounds overall exhibits a graceful mix of neo-colonial and classical architecture. There’s a sense of pride and tradition that permeates campus culture.

UC – Cumberland College is devoted to preparing our nation’s young people to be well-equipped, productive and honorable men and women that care more deeply about their fellow human beings than they do about themselves.

This is an institution that exemplifies the American spirit at its best!

For more information about NAEIR, please call (800)-562-0955 or visit NAEIR’s website at

“We are grateful to NAEIR for helping to spread the word on the remarkable students who attend our University. Our young people are eager to earn an education with the help of our work program and at the same time to serve their fellowman,” notes Jim Taylor, President.

Cumberlands’ mission of producing tomorrow’s servant leaders continues today. Leaders with warm hearts, keen minds, and helping hands.

Located in Williamsburg, Ky., University of the Cumberlands is an institution of regional distinction which currently offers four undergraduate degrees in more than 40 major fields of study; nine pre-professional programs; seven graduate degrees, including a doctorate and six master’s degrees; certifications in education; and online programs. For more information visit