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Cumberlands PA Program gets Anatomage Table


Williamsburg, Ky. – Recently, University of the Cumberlands (UC) Physician Assistant (PA) program became the first PA school in Kentucky and in the country to incorporate an Anatomage Table into their curriculum.

“This will be a great teaching tool for our students,” said UC Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Larry Cockrum. Associate PA Director and Anatomy Professor Dr. Sonia Young noted that “the Anatomage Table will enhance the PA students’ preparation for clinical rotations.”

A private foundation awarded UC’s PA program a $71,000 grant to purchase the table after inviting the University to submit a proposal. The Anatomage Table provides the PA students a realistic, full-sized visualization of 3D anatomy using a virtual cadaver. The Table allows the students a hands-on approach to anatomy with the goal of improving their ability to identify structures, diagnose and treat disorders.

“We are grateful to the foundation for donating the funds to enable our program to obtain the Anatomage Table,” said Program Director Dr. Eddie Perkins.

The Anatomage Table is used in the Clinical Anatomy course series to allow students to visualize skeletal tissues, muscles and organs. The tissues can be labeled, manipulated and dissected using virtual dissection scalpels in custom views. The Table also has a library of 100 real-life CT scans involving hospital emergency and pathology cases that can be studied and manipulated.

Additionally, instructors can upload actual patient CT or MRI scans onto the Table for viewing, discussion and manipulation by the PA students. Using cutting-edge technology, the Anatomage Table allows for enhanced anatomical instruction which will enhance the PA students’ preparation for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

For more information on the University of the Cumberlands PA program you can visit the website

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