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UC’s Football Team Serves Community


Williamsburg, Ky. – Numerous football players from University of the Cumberlands (UC) chose to help at Cedaridge Ministries recently in an effort to serve the community.

The football team members have also had the opportunity to choose to volunteer at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp, Savoy County Farm, the Tough Mudder Trail, and other places on other dates over the winter season.

“We want them to grow in a lot of areas and more than just in football,” said Assistant Coach P.J. Hughes. “There’s people that struggle and need help. They need to see that it isn’t just about them and that there are others in the world that they can help in their own community.”

Cedaridge Ministries is a non-profit ministry that was started in 1993. It provides help to about 1,500 of the poor and homeless families of Southeastern Kentucky. They offer food, clothes, furniture, and anything else that is needed to the people.

The warehouse that stores all of the donations needed to be organized. The group of football players cleaned off and moved tables to the center of the room to be repaired. They arranged desks, file cabinets and other furniture for easy access for people in need of furniture. The emergency boxes of food were sorted and stored on shelves.

“This is awesome to have this much help,” said Keith Decker, director of Cedaridge Ministries. “It’s a great combined effort of lots of people helping.”

Cedaridge Ministries cooperates with over 355 churches. They give spiritual support as well as material help to the people who come through. Some of the volunteers are the families who have received some sort of help from Cedaridge and want to show their appreciation.

“I get so much from the community so it’s good to give back,” said Paul Logsdon (Louisville, Ky.), a freshman football player. “We’re capable of doing this stuff easily and we’re available to help. It also helps us support the Christian heritage of our school.”

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Article Provided by Lydia Huggins, Multimedia and Athletic Services Department Student Assistant