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CCTV-19 Reveals New Look for Restored Community Bulletin Board

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. - After more than two months of limited capability for its Community Bulletin Board due to equipment failures, CCTV-19 is again able to display community announcements via its Bulletin Board.

According to CCTV-19 General Manager and Associate Professor of Communication, John D. Williams, during the spring semester the character generator which displayed the community announcements began malfunctioning and eventually failed altogether. The nearly 10 year old system had been previously repaired for the same problem and Williams wasn't of a mind to repair the machine a second time.

"It was clear that either a new system needed to be purchased at a cost of several thousand dollars or find a different solution, " Williams said.

With budgets being tightened everywhere, Williams knew purchasing a new broadcast character generator would seriously impede the station's ongoing upgrade to High Definition (HDTV).

"Spending several thousand dollars for technology that will be obsolete in 2009 just didn't make fiscal sense to me, so I began looking for lower cost alternatives," he said.

The result was the purchase of a $50 VGA to NTSC scan converter and with some old fashioned seat of the pants engineering, CCTV-19 is now using PowerPoint slides to deliver church schedules and other announcements to the community. The PowerPoint solution is not only lower cost, but it also allows the announcements to be localized with original photos.

"The previous system only allowed us to use graphics that came with the system, but with PowerPoint we can upload our own photographs. Right now we're running a campus tour to show the possibilities. Eventually we would like to have a picture of each church to place with their announcements," he said.

Williams stated that the new Bulletin Board needs additional work. Over the next couple of weeks the station will be experimenting with font sizes and colors to find the right combination for readability. The goal is to have a set format in place by the start of fall semester.

"We know the community has missed having the announcements on the station because we've gotten many calls, especially from those wanting to know about church schedules and events. The Community Bulletin Board is a free service that runs several hours each day with WCCR providing the audio background," said Williams. "We're thrilled to be back in business with our Bulletin Board because it is a significant portion of our programming each day."

As long as the event meets the published standards of the University of the Cumberlands, any non profit group is eligible to have a free announcement on CCTV-19 by calling the station at 539-4371 or sending the information by e-mail to:

"The University owns CCTV-19, but we feel it is important for the station to serve the community as well as the university," said Williams. "Channel 19 has a long history of service to Williamsburg and Whitley County. The restored Community Bulletin Board is just one of the many ways Channel 19 serves the residents in our viewing area."

CCTV-19 is an award winning television station. Over the past five years the station has received three first place and two second place awards for overall broadcast at the annual Baptist Press Student Journalism Conference. Channel 19 remains Whitley County's only award-winning local television news.

Stay tuned!