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Mystery Soup


Williamsburg students and CAB members pose for a picture after the mystery is solved.

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. –“Figure out which one of the suspects poisoned the soup,” instructed announcer Kayla Dupier.

University of the Cumberlands Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Director of Student Activities, Lisa Bartram, presented three sets of mysteries on November 13th and 15th to Williamsburg Independent Students. The mysteries were a reward for making the honor roll.

Students in grades six through 12 went from suspect to suspect, which included CAB members Ben Thomas, Jonathan Meadors, Chris Peace, Kristen Smiddy, Lindsey Reno, Amanda Bingham and Kayla Dupier, questioning each of them and trying to decide who did it. In the end, the students were told who the guilty party really was.

"We treasure the opportunity to meet with area students; answer questions about college; and have fun with creative, critical thinking activities. The Williamsburg Independent students were wonderful stars and detectives," said Dr. Susan Weaver, Cumberlands Director of Teaching and Learning.