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Ten sets of twins enrolled in freshman year at Cumberlands


Front row, L-R: Kyle and Clint Creekmore, from Williamsburg, Ky.; Eric and Erin Wenstrand from Elizabethtown,Ky.; Lindsay and Jonathan Bouler from Jefferson City, Tenn.; 2nd row, L-R: Whitney and Courtney Delk from Jamestown, Tenn.; Lucas and Alex Frye from Clinton, Tenn.; Sarah and Rachel Specht from Alexandria, Ky.; 3rd row, L-R: John and Drew Hill from Carlisle, Ohio; Jason and Josh Hallock from Corbin, Ky; Casey and Courtney Hamm from London, Ky; and, Chad and Quentin Young from Williamsburg, Ky.

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky.―A unique situation is occurring on University of the Cumberlands’ campus. Ten sets of twins are enrolled in the freshman class.

Though this fall boasts the highest registration numbers since 1992 for the University, these twenty individuals still make up more than 4% of their class.

When asked if they had always planned on attending the same college, there was a mixed response.

Lucas and Alex Frye, identical twins from Clinton, Tenn., said yes, since they’ve always done everything together. Sarah and Rachel Specht, Alexandria, Ky., also identical, said yes, since they are best friends. John and Drew Hill, Carlisle, Ohio, however, returned an emphatic, “No!” These identical brothers say they always fight; and since they’re roommates, it should make college life even more interesting.

Echoing the Hills’ response, Lindsay and Jonathan Bouler, of Jefferson City, Tenn., said they hadn’t planned to go to college together and seem to have their own love/hate relationship.

Why these students chose Cumberlands was answered with a couple different responses, such as scholarships and proximity to home, the latter being the reason stated by Courtney and Casey Hamm, London, Ky. Three sets are enrolled in the same majors, and six sets are involved in sports.

The final question posed to the group was “What is the most annoying question you are asked?” Several arms immediately shot upward. Two of the male/female sets, Erin and Eric Wenstrand and the Boulers, answered, “Are you identical?” Several said, “Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?” (Presumably asked before people realize they are twins?)

And the most asked question of identical twins? You guessed it. “Are you twins?”