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Debate Team in Montreal 
Debate Team in Montreal

What do you Speech and Debaters do?
The Speech and Debate Team at the University of the Cumberlands is an intercollegiate, competitive team comprising the fields of Individual Events and Parliamentary Debate.

Forensics? Like dead people?
No. We do not carve up cadavers for fun. Check your dictionary.

When do you travel?
The Speech/Debate season runs from October through March. Tournaments are generally scheduled over weekends, though travel to some tournaments requires travel on Fridays.

Where do you go?
We attend tournaments at college campuses all over the country. Last year we went to Montreal, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. However, most tournaments are located in Kentucky and surrounding states.

Who pays for all this stuff?
Our team is very generously funded by the wonderful folks of the University of the Cumberlands.

So can I join?
All Cumberland students are eligible to join our team.

When are regular meetings?
Wednesdays at noon in the grille, although someone is usually in the office or team room behind where you are standing nearly every day

Do you have auditions?

So how does this help me?
Well, the awards look great on a resume, and many employers and professional schools (i.e. law school) like to see that you have the ability to talk intelligibly (or at least fake it). Also, the research you do and the practice you get in public speaking makes those class presentations a breeze.

Does anyone else care?
See for yourself:

"Congratulations are certainly in order to each of you on winning the national championship! " President Jim Taylor, March of 2004

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