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Robinson-Cook Hall

Archer Hall

Robinson-Cook Hall

Built in 1965, Rob-Cook Hall is the largest residence hall on campus. It is home to more than 200 male students. Freshmen, seniors and all students in between make up the diverse male population of this residence hall. Residents enjoy the sand volleyball court and the newly refurbished weight room as well as the more independent setup of the I and J sections. Rob-Cook also has the largest of the residence hall computer labs.

Hall Amenities

  • Lobby with Community Microwave and Television
  • Weight Room
  • Volleyball Court
  • Air Conditioning
  • Vending Machines
  • Bike Rack
  • Section Style Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
  • Computer Room

Room Amenities

  • Capacity / Dimensions:

In A, G, B, and H Sections, the front rooms (rooms 1 and 2) are 12’ x 18’ and can accommodate 3 students, back rooms (rooms 3 and 4) are 13’ x 10’ and can accommodate 2 students

In I Section, rooms are 24’ x 10’, except room 1, which is 24’ x 7’, and house 1-3 students

In J Section, rooms are 17’ x 10’ and house between 1 and 2 students

  • Floors:


  • Windows:

A, G, B, and H—Front room windows look into hall; back room windows look outside; all have blinds

I Section—5’8” x 4’11”, except room 1, with a 1’9” x 4’11” window

J Section—2’ x 3’ windows

  • Closet:

Open built-in hanging with shelf

  • Furniture:

1-4 beds, desks, chairs, and chests per room, varies with capacity

  • Mattress size:

Varies by room

All residence halls are smoke free. Each room has a cable television hookup (cable is free of charge), Ethernet and wireless internet connections, and a landline telephone connection. Laundry facilities on campus can be used by resident students free of charge.

Residence halls offer a limited number of rooms for students who are granted accommodations for allergies or other health issues. An application for an accommodation must be made to Dr. Tom Fish, Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Ryan Poynter

Archer Hall Director

Ryan Poynter, from Somerset, Kentucky, has been director of Robinson-Cook Hall since August 2013.

Ryan will be graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in English with an emphasis in creative writing as well as in Journalism and Public Relations. He plans to go on to pursue a master’s degree. During his time at the UC, Ryan worked with residence life in Siler and Mahan Hall.

Ryan has been involved in many ways here at UC, from helping lead Fuge Camps to playing intramural sports. He has participated in Baptist Campus Ministries in life groups and served on the worship team as part of United Campus Worship.  He also has written for The Patriot (UC’s student newspaper). Ryan attends Cornerstone Community Church.

Ryan met his closest friends by either working with them or serving them as an RA. His favorite memories at UC all spring from experiences with those friends.

To Robinson-Cooke residents, Ryan says, “Get involved! House Council is a great way to do that. Planning events and then seeing residents come and enjoy them is incredibly satisfying. Or, if that isn't your flavor, you can still get to know the folks you live next to. Rob Cook is blessed to have suite-style rooms. You'll probably see your suitemates every day, so you have an incredible opportunity to get to know them and build friendships.”