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ADM661 The School Principal’s Role in Improving School Climate and Culture

This course is intended to provide the principal candidate with an understanding of the educational relevance of involving the greater community (parents, neighborhoods, businesses, etc.) to enhance and support student achievement; organizational relationships between schools within and outside schools; power, multicultural awareness; major opinion leaders; vision and mission articulation; and interpersonal skills.  The content of the course emphasizes the following concepts: the importance of diversity in developing and implementing curriculum; strategies to reinforce norms of behavior and to promote effective change; elements of and impact of school culture; the use of data to influence school culture; the value of active partners/stakeholders; individual and collective accountability; modeling professional ethics; and equity and diversity.

Module 1: Organizing and Managing Shared Work within a Professional Learning Community.
Module 2: Developing and Reflecting on Professional Learning Communities.  
Module 3: Assessing and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities.   

3 credit hours