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ADM672. Assessing Instructional Program & Monitoring Student Performance

This culminating course in the principal preparation program is designed to aid the principal candidate in predicting, understanding, and controlling the fundamental principles of learning and assessment as they apply to the role of the principal. Relevant readings, analysis of sample assessment processes, and use of protocols will provide principals an understanding of those assessment strategies needed to evaluate the instructional program, support teacher effectiveness, and monitor students’ performance, thus improve student learning. This course includes: Course Introduction: From the Classroom to the Nation’s Capital: Aligning and Assessing the Impact of the CIA (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment). Module 1: Using Unit of Study/ Lesson Plan Monitoring to Improve Student Achievement; Module 2: Legal Aspects and Budgetary Issues Associated with Assessing the Instructional Program and Monitoring Student Performance; Module 3: Signature Assessment: Capstone Conferencing.