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ADM678. The School Principal: Instructional Leadership,Culture,Climate

This course is designed to provide authentic learning experiences that incorporate an understanding of the School Principal as an Instructional Leader in creating appositive culture and climate. The course focuses on understanding the school as an organization with systems, structures and operations which impact school culture; identifying, assessing and shaping school culture; identifying, defining and recognizing critical elements of school culture; and identifying, addressing barriers to positive school culture. Course content will connect to prior knowledge gained during Level 1 to extend that learning and build capacity of new principals. Module 1: Understanding the Impact of School Culture; Module 2: Knowledge and Understanding of the Impact of Professional Learning Communities on School Culture; Module 3: Understanding How to Improve Family and Community Partnerships to Make a Positive Impact on School Culture.

Prerequisite: Candidate must have successfully completed Level 1 Certification in Principalship. 3 semester hours.