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ADOL635. The Politics of School & Community

This course will provides an introduction to research in education, including the purpose of research, basic statistics, identification of appropriate research methods, interpretation of findings, research report development and ethical and legal considerations pertinent to the professional educator. The course also provides an introduction to the design and implementation of evaluations of educational programs. Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of educational evaluation by focusing the research review on evaluation reports and papers. The work is contextualized in key issues in k – 12 and higher education, including assessment of the educational performance of students, schools, and teachers, the impact of educational policies, measurement of the efficacy of specific instructional programs and materials, and exploration of the relationships between teacher education and teacher quality. Required of all Master Degree programs and must be taken within the first fifteen (15) semester hours. (It is highly recommended that this course is taken in the first nine (9) semester credit hours.) (3 hours)