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CES731. Multicultural Iss. Counseling Education

This course is a study of the personal, social, political, affective, and behavioral considerations of diversity, explored through critical reflection. The course utilizes a broad view of diversity which includes factors such as culture, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, mental and physical characteristics, education, family values, religious and spiritual values, socioeconomic status and unique characteristics of individuals, couples, families, ethnic groups, and communities. Multicultural competencies (awareness, knowledge, and skills) in counseling are emphasized. Awareness is centered on understanding the multiple value systems and worldviews that shape a complex and multi-faceted cultural identity. Emphasis is placed on insight gained into one's own cultural socialization and biases. Knowledge focuses on acquiring accurate understanding of the various cultural groups within our society. Skills relate to providing counseling services to reduce the risk of indirectly or directly oppressing or showing bias in the counseling relationship. Efforts will be made to provide counselors with practical skills, strategies and techniques for use when working with students and clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This course is designed to invite and encourage students to become ethical; effective advanced multiculturally competent counselor educators, supervisors, and researchers. Credit, 3 hours.