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CES837. Neuro&Behavioral Medicine for Pro Coun

CES837 Neuroanatomy & Behavioral Medicine for Professional Counseling This is an online synchronous course that will provide an overview of the anatomy of the brain as related to cognitive function, dysfunction, and dysregulation. An understanding of mental health diagnosis from an endogenous perspective will be taught. While professional counselors do not prescribe medications, and this course will not advocate for any prescriptive privileges for professional counselors, it remains the practice that counselors are often the first to notice and to detect indications of side effects, client concerns, and lack of adherence related to psychotropic medications. Etiology and treatment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, thought disorders will be addressed. Also, the recognition of medical emergencies and chronic conditions related to medications will be addressed. Classes of psychotropic medications each of these disorders will be addressed. Credit, 3 hours.