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DPT 744 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Practice 2

Our evidence-based musculoskeletal curriculum encompasses four courses directed at exploring and applying clinical anatomy, clinical biomechanics, examination, and intervention principles, for diagnosing and managing lifespan related musculoskeletal dysfunction of the movement system. This course (2) focuses on the knee, ankle, and foot regions. Students will focus on developing skills for differential diagnosis, psychomotor skills for regional palpation, examination, manual therapy, and therapeutic exercise, and communication skills for patient education. Evidence-based clinical reasoning will be presented for the student to be able to classify patients, establish a prognosis and functional goals, and develop a patient centered approach to comprehensive management of musculoskeletal dysfunctions of the knee, ankle, and foot regions.

Prerequisite: 710,741,713,712,742,718,750,730