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DPT 950 Management of Patients with Complex Conditions and Primary Care

This course focuses on physical therapist management of patients with medically complex conditions. Emphasis is on advanced screening methods for body systems, conditions that masquerades as musculoskeletal pathology; differential diagnosis; advanced clinical decision making with regards to interpretation of lab values and imaging results; advanced understanding of the effects, side effects, and impact of common medications and how they influence physical therapist management and referral for further examination and testing, and interprofessional healthcare teamwork. The role of a physical therapist working in primary care and emergency medicine in a collaborative model is explored.

Prerequisite: 710,741,713,712,742,718,750,730,743,734,744,737,736,740,719,820,843,811,834,823,818,810,841,851,832,842,844,821,880,813,812