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ENGL337. Literature of Adolescence

This course is designed for both the English education major and the English major in literature. This course acquaints students with literature about the adolescent experience and with literature written primarily for adolescents that illuminates adolescent sensibilities, behaviors and relationships. Varying assignments address literature suitable for classroom use and independent reading, as well as provide opportunities for developing teaching strategies and assignments. Possible topics include The American Literary Teenager, Coming of Age Novels, Growing Up Southern, the Multicultural Experience in Adolescent Literature, Fantasy and Science Fiction for Teens, and Victorian Classics Revisited. Course topics may change with each offering. This course does not meet general education requirements; however, this course does fulfill a requirement for certification in English for education majors and can serve as an elective for non-education English majors. Prerequisite: ENGL 131 & 132. Credit: 3 hours. Offered spring of even years.