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HSRV402. In Defense of Humanity:Human Rights

This course seeks to capture the essence of the tragedy of human rights abuses worldwide. Human rights abuses include but are not limited to the following: genocide, slavery, sex trafficking, exploitation, abuse, rape, and political persecution. Far too often, cases of crimes against humanity pass virtually unnoticed in the eyes of the industrialized world. This class will attempt to raise awareness about past and contemporary human rights abuses. A framework will be introduced to students as to why and how these abuses unfold. Students will explore and discuss the options for solutions or interventions at any level. Students will satisfy the rigors of the QEP milestones of clarity, discernment, and integration in that they will confront a problem, explore the root causes of the issue, and then be asked to investigate viable solutions. This Integrated Studies course can fulfill a requirement in Section VI/IVB of the General Education Curriculum. Credit, 3 hours.