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HSRV403. Human Tragedy and Intervention

HSRV 403 seeks to provide an opportunity for students to learn about human tragedy, both past and modern day. A historical basis for human suffering will be established, and any number of issues may be explored: public crises, genocide, human slavery, sex trafficking, and oppression. Micro, mezzo, and macro level experiences will be examined, along with options for intervention at each of these levels. Current instances of human suffering and/or tragedy, whether regional, national, or global, will be integrated into the course material in an effort to keep the course relevant and applicable for students. Students will satisfy the rigors of the QEP milestones of clarity, discernment, and integration in that they will confront a problem, explore the root causes of the issue, and then be asked to investigate viable solutions. This Integrated Studies course can fulfill a requirement in Section VI of the General Education Curriculum. Credit, 3 hours. Offered in-seat or online as needed